Tip Toland & Richard Notkin - The Figure/The Object: A Surrealist Approach - Apr. 8 - Apr. 16, 2017



at Barro.Co Clay Studio in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

April 8th - April 16th, 2017

This workshop pairs Tip Toland and Richard Notkin as co-instructors for the first time in their careers.  Both are known for their narrative work in ceramic sculpture:  Toland for her psychologically charged figurative works, and Notkin for his political/social commentary in sculptural teapots and tile murals.  Throughout the workshop, students will receive demonstrations by both artists and a daily 20-minute power point presentation illuminating the history of Surrealism from its earliest appearances in art through its influence on contemporary ceramics.  Much of the studio time will focus on hands-on student work and experimentation, beginning with a personal narrative of each student’s choosing.  Toland’s demonstrations will include the basics of figurative sculpture, including proportions, animating the figure through gesture, as well as sculpting the face and hands, etc.  Notkin will demonstrate his techniques for constructing objects of various forms, leather-hard carving, trompe l’oeil surface detailing and textures, etc.  Both instructors will discuss the importance of choice of objects, figure and object interaction, and Surrealistic devices such as alteration of scale, distortion, and metamorphosis.  All levels of experience are invited to join this stimulating and collaborative workshop, which is designed to advance each student’s technical skills and their personal approach to the aesthetics of their art.   

Tip Toland

Richard Notkin