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CLASSES ALL YEAR ROUND: We offer regular weekly classes all year round.  We have 2 groups a week, on Mondays & Wednesdays, and/or Tuesdays & Thursdays. Since the classes are continuing, without a beginning nor an end, and each student is taught individually according to the project they choose, you can join the class on the first Monday or Tuesday of any month. 

We prefer that you register for a minimum of 1 month, starting at the beginning of each month.  Enrollment priority will be given to students who are signing up for one month or more.

INSTRUCTORS:  Adria Calaresu, Alberto Sanchez y Denisse Baca

The instruction is in English and/or Spanish.

CLASS HOURS:  Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:00am-2:00pm and/or Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00am-2:00pm.  I accept registration all year round. Reserve your spot with a $100 U.S. non-refundable deposit.   



PRICE BY THE MONTH for 2 classes a week, Mondays & Wednesdays from 11:00-2:00pm OR Tuesdays & Thursdays from 11:00am to 2:00pm- $300.00 U.S. for 1 month.  The price includes 3 hours of class time on each of the 2 days of classes per week, for a total of 24 hours a month).  Clay, colors, and use of tools and equipment are included, just bring a notebook and pen!  No extra studio time is included.   FIRINGS ARE NOT INCLUDED (to see our prices for firing, please see firing cost chart). 

PRICE BY THE MONTH for 4 classes a week, $600.00 U.S. for 1 month.  Mondays & Wednesdays from 11:00-2:00pm and Tuesdays & Thursdays from 11:00am to 2:00pm 

PAYMENT:  The class fee is due the first class of the month.  We prefer that you pay in cash, in U.S. dollars, or pesos, at the exchange rate of the day. No U.S. dollar or pesos cheques please. 

The monthly membership is $300 U.S., for 8 classes a month, or $600 U.S. for 16 classes a month.  If you cannot make it to class, we do not give refunds nor do we allow make-up classes, (just like a golf membership, or gym membership).  


CLASSES BY THE WEEK:  Although we prefer a minimum enrollment of 1 month, if we have space in the class, we have prices by the week.  All classes must be consecutive, and there are no make-up classes.  Students who enroll for one month, or more, will receive priority.    

$120 U.S. for 1 week (2 classes), 6 hours of class time (price includes 1 bisque firing, application of glaze to your work, and a second firing for the glaze)

$210 U.S. for 2 weeks (4 classes), 12 hours of class time (price does not include firing)

$260 U.S. for 3 weeks (6 classes), 18 hours of class time (price does not include firing)

PRIVATE CLASSES:  $60 U.S. per person, its a 3 hour class (price includes bisque firing, application of glaze, and a second firing for the glaze).  I REQUIRE A MINIMUM OF 4 PEOPLE FOR PRIVATE CLASSES. 

REGISTRATION:  to register, a non-refundable deposit of $100 U.S. is required, and the balance is due the first day of classes.  Your space in class can only be guaranteed with a deposit.  The registration deposit can be paid by PayPal, wire transfer or paid in cash at our studio.  If you would like to pay the full class fee through PayPal, there is a 7.95%  MEXICAN PAYPAL service charge (3.95% transaction fee, plus .5% international transaction fee, and a 3.5% currency conversion fee).  

REGISTRATION PAYMENT:  Please contact us by e-mail for further payment information.

MISSED CLASSES:  We do not allow students to make up missed classes, nor do we give refunds for missed classes.   

CLASS DESCRIPTION:   Students will learn to create ceramic sculptures using the clay construction techniques of slab and coil-building, combined with press-molded and extruded elements.  We will also cover sculptural and surface embellishment techniques, including, low, mid and high relief, appliqué, burnishing, sgraffito (incising), embossing, carving, open work, image transfer techniques, and painting techniques with colored clay paints (engobes) and clear glaze.  We can also teach post-firing decorative and restoration techniques, if you are interested.   With the exception of clear glaze, we do not use glazes in the studio.  If you would like to bring your own commercial low-fire (Cone 06-Cone 04) glazes, you are welcome to do so (I recommend any of the low-fire Cone 06-04 AMACO, DUNCAN, MAYCO, or SPECTRUM glazes).  User-friendly commercial glazes are not available in Mexico.  

The process of construction and decoration will provide an ongoing opportunity to discuss principles of sculptural design: mass and material, and their supporting elements of volume, surface, light & shade, and colours. We will discuss subject matter, imagery, how to exploit the expressive qualities of form, positive and negative space, texture, contrast, balance, movement, representational and non-representational forms, and functional and non-functional forms. (FOR DETAILED CLASS DESCRIPTION CLICK HERE)

We do not teach wheel throwing, glaze chemistry, or kiln physics.  


  • Class instruction

  • Up to 25 kilos of clay, to be used in class only

  • All engobes and colourants (liquid white clay with mineral colourants and flux used for painting on clay)

  • Transparent glaze

  • The use of all tools and equipment in the studio (canvas covered boards, turntables, sculpting stands, wooden and metal sculpting tools, slab roller, extruder, aprons, spray bottles, rolling pins, paint brushes, power tools, etc.). Everything you will need, we will supply... just bring a notebook and a pen. You are welcome to bring your own tools, but please write your name on all of your personal tools with indelible marker. If you would prefer to buy your own tools, El Pato (in San Miguel de Allende), an art supply store in Colonia Guadalupe, on Margarito Ledesma street (near the corner of Colegio Militar street), has a good selection of sculpting tools.

  • A generous table space and/or sculpting stand

  • Wireless internet connection

  • Access to my reference library of ceramics and art books and magazines

  • Use of refrigerator and microwave if you would like to bring something to eat and drink

  • Coffee or tea and baked goods

*  The price of the classes does not include firing, packing and shipping, nor missed classes.  

BREAK TIME:  Students can take a short break whenever they like.  If you would like to bring your own snack we have a fridge and a microwave available. 


DRYING & FIRING:  The length of drying time necessary, before firing, depends on the size, weight and wall thickness of each piece. Drying of clay sculptures cannot be hurried.  If the drying time is rushed there is a risk of structural cracking of the sculpture.  If a sculpture is not dry, and fired, before the end of the class period, the finished pieces will be left to dry and fired at a later date.  We will contact you when the sculptures are available for pick up, or shipping. We cannot commit to having your work fired by a certain date due to travel emergencies, art emergencies, or any other sort of emergency.  

UNFINISHED WORK:  For people who do not finish painting their sculptures in time for their departure, we charge $300 pesos an hour to finish applying the colourants, glazes and/ or cleaning the bottoms of pieces.  

REPAIRS AND RESTORATIONS:  We charge $300 pesos an hour to repair or restore ceramic sculptures, whether they are made in our studio, or brought in from elsewhere.

NOTE:  The studio does not have regular business hours.  We receive clients BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.   Please call us at 154-4171, or e-mail us at for an appointment.  Thank you for respecting this arrangement.